Queen Venus

hello hello :D I’ll talk about nails once again! alright let’s start! :D 

First, I polished my nails entirely instead of frantically trying to stick things on before they dried 

While they dried, I set out the pearls, bows, and flowers for easy access.

Sticking the pearls on with just polish, if glue doesn’t work

hi hi! once again talking about decoration! let’s talk about one of the most important things for us lately! YES! I’m talking about Computers! we have to accept that computers are like a personal object! and that means… “Decoration” personalize your computer :D

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’ve been thinking about decoration lately, so I came with the idea of decorated rooms! :D so let’s started!!  ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Tip number 1: 

• Choose your 2 favorite colors, remember that your room is like a sanctuary, a personal and beautiful sanctuary! :D ♥ 

Tip number 2: 

• Buy 2 different types of fabric, and make cute curtains, you can get really cute transparent fabric to put as the first curtain 

Tip number 3: 

 • Use your big plushies as decoration pillows in your bed, you can put   a plushie scale :D that looks really cute!

Tip number 4: 

• Find a good theme for the room like stars, hearts, circles, squares, bunnies, etc. anything you want :D that’ll help a lot 

Tip number 5:

• If you have a lot of things you don’t know where to put, buy wood boxes and paint them with matching colors, you can store all those things in there.

Well guys those are my room decoration Tips! I’ll leave you some pictures, so you can have idea of what I’m talking about! and get some others :D hope you like it!

Hello guys! it’s been a while! (I know I know long time no see :P) but I’m back to give you more cute ideas for life :D

This time I’ll talk about cellphone decoration! I’m the kind of girl that likes to decorate almost everything! and our phones are one of the most important accessories! 

Here’s a tip!

 buy some rhinestones little dolls and get some glue to past them in the front of your phone try to cover the whole thing and put some phone hangers//phone straps to make it look even cooler 

Now you’re ready to have a new beautiful phone :D 

Happy New Year!!!! ♥ Guys! have fun and let’s start from 0 next year :D amazing things are coming ahead :D 

Happy New Year!!!! ♥ Guys! have fun and let’s start from 0 next year :D amazing things are coming ahead :D 

This is so cuuute!! (I just reblog this :D)

Hello guys :D ♥ well! now that’s cold everywhere I was thinking about cold stuff like snow or D: ice cream or (I know we don’t really want to eat ice cream right now but… it’s a good subject!) so I’ll post a picture of amazing decorated ice creams :D 

Hey guys! I don’t have much to say today :D but I just found this amazing and cute cats! :D ♥ LOVE THEM! ♥

Merry Christmas guys :D !!! ♥ 

Have fun and love everything and everybody around you! :D remember to wish upon a star and smile to everything you’ve ever wished for :D 

♥ Love you all ♥ 

メリークリスマス !!!